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January 31, 20220
When “ Bitcoin” burst onto the scene in 2013, we were left scratching our heads as to the impact this will have on the profitable climate. A story that fully thwarted economists and governments was this miracle that suddenly was more precious than Gold! After its original high came the unforeseen drop. Over time, numerous of us might have wished that we had bought many coins. The question remains, is cryptocurrency the future or a humbug?Let’s take a near look.

What’s Cryptocurrency?

A digital medium of exchange that exists solely on a computer is cryptocurrency. It has substituted physical coins and notes with bits of software. It doesn’t conform to any form of government or fiscal institutions like central banks. Complete fiscal freedom is how it’s explained to the world. Regulated and regulated by the internet and decentralized to networks across borders and computer systems. The foremost form of cryptocurrency was called Bitcoin, formed in 2009.

The original form of cryptocurrency or Altcoin ( indispensable currencies), Bitcoin, was created by someone under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Back also it felt insolvable that cryptocurrencies would ever take off. You could invest in Bitcoin at 6 cents or ₹4.5 per unit. Indeed the lowest Dairy Milk chocolate costs ₹ 10. In comparison, at its peak in 2017, the value of a single Bitcoin was$ nearly ₹ 15 lakhs! A stunning jump that dreams are made of. Those who invested in Bitcoin as a joke were suddenly millionaires overnight. Indeed moment, Bitcoin trades at around ₹7.6 Lakhs per unit. Now that’s a lot of chocolate!

Over time, 6000 variants of Bitcoin have been created. Other notorious forms of Altcoins are Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Tether, Libra, Monero, Binance Coins among others.


Every legal form of currency known to man is regulated through a bank or the government. A centralized source of information each in one place. So if you need to shoot someone plutocrat, a bank will corroborate that quantum is true before transferring it forward. This could take some time.
With Blockchain, you bring that verification time down to bare seconds. This is because Blockchain is a record of every Bitcoin record of creation, sale and is spread across a vast network of computers always over to date and always available.

This is why it’s called a decentralized currency. Hence the edge of superior swiftness and security. Every different form of centralized currency has one point of attack. This makes it easier for hackers to break in. Big pots like IBM, Walmart, and Google are now employing blockchain styles to secure their own data.

Major issues

  • Open Source
    Since they’re created on open source, anyone who can write law can produce cryptocurrency. Because we all know how secure the internet is, people need to read the fine print before copping in Altcoins. There are cases of altcoins created as a joke like DogeCoin that are now worth over$ 2 billion due to a request buying delirium.
  • Fragility and Volatility
    The only reason cryptocurrency has financial value is that people decided the value. It’s veritably fragile and unpredictable in nature. The price was driven up due to rapid-fire media interest which led to a crazy price run-up. Investing in Altcoins is extremely uncertain. The crash in 2018 is an illustration of just that. The future of its request value is still academic at stylish. People sweat it’s only a matter of time before governments across the globe step in to regulate cryptocurrency.
  • Pump and Dump
    Pump-and-dump is a scheme that attempts to boost the price of a stock through recommendations grounded on false, deceiving or greatly exaggerated statements. This practice is illegal grounded on securities law and can lead to heavy forfeitures and jail time, as brilliantly portrayed in “ The Wolf of Wall Street”. Still, due to nearly no government regulation and lack of programs, Pump and leave schemes are extensively current in the cryptocurrency world. People scheme to buy largely into altcoins and when the price soars in a many hours they vend all together and make huge quantities of a plutocrat. In other words, this is a Ponzi scheme.
  • No Regulation
    Cryptocurrency, having no regulation, also means it can be spent on illegal services like medicines, trafficking, munitions and other felonious operations. It can not be traced and answers to no laws. This in turn makes felonious syndicates and organised crime more important than ever ahead.
  • Word Recovery is Insolvable
    Word recovery doesn’t live. There’s no way to get back your data like you would if you forgot your dispatch word. There are stories of people losing millions of bones in bitcoin only because they didn’t remember their word.
  • Energy Consumption
    Just powering the waiters controlling the blockchain checks uses further energy than some countries combined. It’s extremely slow and inconvenient to use.

Still, we don’t believe that all cryptocurrencies and Altcoin are bad. It just means that unless you like to go please be careful what you’re investing in. Read over all you can about the cryptocurrency you’re looking to invest in. No bone can prognosticate the future and we don’t know if this is the future of finance. People believed we’d have flying buses by now while some didn’t believe “ The Beatles” were good enough. It’s easy to wish to come really rich really presto but it could also bring you everything.

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