Annex to Walletto General Terms and Conditions

Purpose of Processing

When using the Walletto Services, you are prohibited from receiving or making payments in connection with the following activities:

  1. Illegal gambling services (including, but not limited to, illegal online casinos, sports betting, betting, reverse auctions and lotteries);
  2. Quick enrichment schemes, Ponzi schemes, snowball schemes, investment clubs or similar activities;
  3. Adult or sexual content, escort services or modeling agencies;
  4. Mass email services, SMS services or customer marketing lists;
  5. Prescription drugs, prohibited substances or components thereof; drug paraphernalia;
  6. Counterfeit or forged goods, novelty ID;
  7. Dangerous or restricted goods (including but not limited to explosives, radioactive materials, toxic substances, batteries, fireworks);
  8. Weapons, knives and ammunition;
  9. Protected works of art, history and culture;
  10. 10.Restricted electronics (eg, cable television decoders, radars, and surveillance equipment);
  11. any other goods or services the sale, supply, delivery, offer or marketing of which is prohibited or restricted in the jurisdiction of the Seller or in any jurisdiction in
    which any of its customers is located.

We may change or extend the list of prohibited goods or services at any time by notifying you. If you supply goods or services that are subject to a subsequent extension of the list, you shall immediately cease to make payments for such goods or services.

In the event that you fail to comply with such termination, we reserve the right to terminate the business relationship and the validity of the Walletto General Terms and Conditions. If you are in doubt as to whether your goods or services fall into any of the categories listed, you should first consult us before offering such goods or services.